Aspen Practice, P.C., dba as Michael R. Bütz, Ph.D.


Sound and informative forensic psychological services

Michael R. Bütz, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who specializes in forenic services. He has been licensed since 1995, holds a license in Montana, is a Fellow of the American Psychological Association, a Member of the National Register, and holds a Certificate of Professional Qualitication from the ASPPB. Dr. Bütz has specialized in forensic services since early in his career, and brings over twenty years of experience to this work.

Scope of forensic services

Dr. Bütz addresses a wide array of forensic matters by way of consultations and assessments including: child-custody work, parental capacity, Child and Family Services cases, competency, criminal intent at the time of the offense, serving as an expert witness, fitness for duty assessments, prescreening community service employees, independent medical assessments, independent educational assessments, system service quality consultations, and other related matters. He also has an array of other clinical specializations that overlap with his forensic practice: children and adolscents, couples work, family therapy, developmental disabilities, clinical neuropsychology, as well as cross-cultural considerations.

Service Systems and Areas

Given his experience working as an advocate, clinician, executive administrator, and accrediation surveyor Dr. Bütz is accustomed to working with private parties, defense and prosecution, city, county, federal, state and tribal governments, as well as, for-profit and non-profit organizations. Dr. Bütz provides services in Billings at his office in the Transwestern Plaza, and he frequently provides services throughout the state of Montana, the larger region, and out of state with appropriate arrangements.

Background and Information

Dr. Bütz not only has the experiences described above, he has presented on pertinent matters locally, within states, nationally and internationally and written works include articles, book chapters, books and manuals. The diveristy of his experience has been provided on his curriculum vitae that can ben accessed by clicking on the hyperlink provided on this descriptor. In addition, should it be useful, our office can supply briefs on his areas of specializations and history of forensic testimony.